Cognitive and
Language Development
Development of Creative

Welcome to Giggles Nursery School

Smile and Learn is our motto and mission. We take the tears out of learning. We believe that its absolutely necessary to give the child a rich, stimulating environment and education imparted through playway methods in an atmospehere of freedom, happiness and relaxation.

How We Do It

Growth is Natural when the foundation is strong

A child who becomes a part of GIGGLES family is moulded into a complete human being who can be his/her own person. able to lead a life which is rich purposeful and fulfilling.

We believe, independence & creativity go a long way in helping the child achieve individuality. Children are provided opportunities like Finger Painting, Clay Moulding , Singing, Dancing, Playing and Observation of environment.

Children are encouraged to share play material, wait for their turn and respect school property and rules.

Our Services

Psychomotor Development
Cognitive and Language Development
Socio-Emotional Development
Development of Creative & Aesthetic Expression

Our Philosophy

The performance of Nursey Schools is often wrroneously measured in terms of literacy and numercay acquired by children.

We believe that Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Personality Development are more important than the 3R's of Learning Viz / Reading / Writing / Arithmetic.




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